COVID-19 Updates

If you were not on the NPMA’s Webinar, the NPMA has a new support site for COVID-19:

The CDC just updated: “Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)”. (Thanks to Donald Baumgartner, EPA Region V for this…)

Information on PMPs as an essential service, in case you need it.

Click here to view a recent draft of information that will hopefully help those working with multifamily housing.

When possible and assuming that risks to human health can be managed from COVID, I am recommending to PHAs and Commercial PMPs that all exterior rodenticide bait stations be checked/replenished with bait (suggest increase the bait per box in high rodent pressure areas, per label), because the change in commercial refuse production in areas will likely affect rodent ecology. 

Also, be aware of the potential for an increase in full garbage compactors and the need for more frequent emptying in residential areas. Spillage will help mice, rats, and cockroaches (though I am more concerned about the risks of rats, first and then mice…).

When using disinfectants,  make sure you read and FOLLOW the label:

  • Many of the disinfectants are concentrates, so dilution will be necessary.  After a quick survey, I am seeing that many concentrate disinfectant labels have the signal word “DANGER.” This means that even temporary exposure to the concentrate may cause immediate and permanent damage.
  • Make sure you are wearing full PPE when mixing and loading or spraying (see label)!
  • There is usually a “wet-exposure time” that differs from product to product, please find and ensure the wet exposure time is met for virus control standards (See EPA Link: )
  • Be aware that you may require different respiratory PPE for different products – look to the label.  Typical respirator cartridges cited on labels may include: P, N, or R filters (N – not resistant to oil, R somewhat resistant to oil, P strongly resistant to oil)  The number after the letter indicates the level of filtration (95% of particles, 99% or 100 (=99.97%))

Click here to see the TEMPORARY rule change put out from MDA with regards to Category I: Application of disinfectants for the purposes of disinfection, and the potential need to apply against COVID-19.

  • This exemption is limited to applications against COVID-19 only. 
  • Category I. is still in effect and required for all applications against other microbes (i.e., bacteria and fungi).
  • The exemption is in effect until April 1, 2021.


Please contact me with any questions. 

Michael Fresvik, MPMA

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